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Road Trip Snacks

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I feel very spoiled that we were called to go on deputation in a time when living out of a car is made convenient because it’s becoming a trend. It is so much easier to eat healthy on deputation when Walmart sells prechopped/washed fruits and vegetables, individual salad kits, protein kits and more. Life on the go is not just a popular thing to do but companies are tailoring their products for it.

Below is just a small list of snacks that are convenient for the deputation/full-time travel life style.


Always on hand snacks:

· Nuts

· Protein Bars

· Fiber One bars

· Peanut butter on the go cups

Snacks for 1-2yr. old:

· Yogurt pouch

· Applesauce pouch

· Gerber Puffs

· Veggie straws

· Mini club crackers

· Mini vanilla wafers

· Yogurt covered raisins

· Gold fish

· Gummy Snacks

2yr. old and up:

· Anything on the 1-2 yr old list

· Granola bars

· Fruit cups (Usually reserved for picnic lunch, I don’t serve this in the car)

· Chips

Cooler Bag/Fresh Snacks:

· Grapes

· Berries

· Pre-sliced apples

(low carb):

· Pepperoni

· Cheese sticks

· Baby Carrots

· Bell Pepper slices

· Fresh Broccoli

· Fresh Cauliflower

· Celery

· Ranch Cups

· Stuffed mini bell peppers

Stuffed mini bell peppers are time consuming and take prep work but they’re usually worth it. I fill mine with the following:

Cream Cheese

Bacon Bits

Mixed Seasoning of choice

I know there are plenty of other snacks, but these are just some suggestions and ideas. As I mentioned before, a lot of produce can be bought at grocery stores already washed and cut.

Tip: Don’t buy in bulk. Unless your family size requires it, you probably won’t eat all of it. Shopping for snack items in a 4 or 6 pack is better than buying a 12 pack. For example, 12 pouches of chips will usually be in the way and get crushed before you have the chance to eat them. Just buy enough for that day’s drive or if you have little kids just have enough on hand for a snack when they’re hungry. If you over buy it will turn into clutter in the car.


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