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Toddler Toiletries

When it comes to babies and toddlers a lot of products are made out to be more necessary than they actually are. I suppose that rule applies to most things, but I find it to be especially true with child care items. I found, on deputation, that a lot of the things I thought were essential, weren't.


I understand that some kids have sensitive skin and need tailored products. My daughter had eczema and her skin would flare up if I used anything outside her normal routine. So when we started deputation I brought travel size portions of all those things. But thankfully, shortly after we started deputation I found that most of her skin issues cleared up and most the products I had weren't necessary.

All this to say that each child will have specific needs, but you'd be surprised to find what we think are needs are not essential at all.

Products I thought she needed:

· Baby specific shampoo and conditioner

· Baby specific body wash

· Bubble bath

· Baby specific lotion

All of the products listed, she either shares with me or I don't use them for her, at all.

Minimalist toiletries list:

· Leave-in conditioner

· Water spritzer (for hair)

· Baby hair ties

· Jergens healing lotion (for the whole family)

· Diaper rash cream

· Child's toothpaste (because it's fluoride free)

· Child's toothbrush

· Diapers

· Wipes

All the shampoos and body washes I found were just extra things to keep track of and not necessary. I use my own hair comb on her hair and that saves an extra step as well.

On deputation, you'll find that less is more... Less is more convenient, it's more quality, more sanity... Less, is more.


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