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Different Packing Methods

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

I’ve mentioned before that most things on deputation are trial and error. The same is true for packing. We went through several different methods of packing before we found the right one for ourselves. In another article, I’ll cover what we pack. This article is mainly regarding how to pack.


The Standard Suitcase:

Basically, fit all your toiletries, shoes, and clothing items in one standard size suitcase, per person.

This is how we packed for part-time deputation. We quickly realized how insane it was to carry three full-size suitcases up a prophet’s chamber’s stairs when we were only staying one night. Not only that, but our suitcases could barely hold all our things.

The Tote:

Keep everyone’s clothes in a tote and just grab what you need as you go. We had little travel organizers to keep our clothes separated.

This is how we packed when we started full-time deputation. This didn’t last long because it involved too much planning ahead and “packing” almost daily. When we stayed somewhere long term, the tote turned into an abyss that swallowed our clothes and was hard to keep organized.

The Plastic Drawers:

Same as the tote method except the plastic drawers stay in the car and stay better organized.

I didn’t even try this because I remember, as a kid, when my parents were on deputation, they used this packing method. One time while we were staying at a pastor’s house, I was in their driveway pulling my undergarments out of a drawer, trying to make sure no one saw. I didn’t want to repeat that…

Carry-on Suitcases:

Everyone has a carry-on suitcase for clothes. Toiletries and shoes are packed separately.

This is the method we settled on. Justin and I both have expandable, carry-on suitcases. We use the travel organizers to hold our clothes within the suitcases.

The kid’s suitcases vary based on our current situation. For example, when we first started deputation I had all of Catalina’s clothes in a mini kid’s suitcase. Her clothes were small enough so I could fit everything in that small bag. Now that she’s older and I have an infant, for the shorter trips we use an expandable carry on suitcase for both of their stuff, including diapers and such. We plan to get an additional suitcase for the baby once we start the longer trips where we are away from home for 2 months+.

I do still pack for “quick trips” so we don’t have to bring all those suitcases in for just one or two nights. But now that everything stays organized, it’s much easier to manage.

My biggest tip for deputation is to make sure everything has a place. Packing is so much easier when you know where everything goes. Even down to packing a toiletry bag, we have a system: my shower bag, his shower bag, then my makeup bag. In this order every time, it fits like a puzzle.

You may wonder how we get everything to fit in a carry-on suitcase. As I said before, I’ll cover what we pack in another article. For now, follow this basic rule; less is more.



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