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When the Lord says, "Yes"

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

After the Lord told us no to buying an RV, we began to prepare for full-time deputation in our compact SUV. It seemed like a good size vehicle, but it started to have issues. It began having mechanical problems about once a month which escalated into, almost, every other week. Between the finances and time it took to fix the problems, it was becoming a burden. In addition to that, it was cramped. No matter how little we packed, it seemed as though there was always stuff overflowing into our daughter’s car seat. It was awful. The crowded vehicle really did a number on our overall moods, it was very overwhelming.

We needed a new vehicle, but we were hesitant to move forward with anything. After our experience with the RV, we knew if the Lord wanted our situation to change, he would need to make it very evident. We began to timidly research different vehicle options, trying to figure out what we could afford and what would be the best fit. As we researched and prayed, we began leaning more towards a minivan. We eventually came up with the criteria we were looking for: a Honda Odyssey, under a certain price, no older than 2006, under 120,000 miles.

While we were mulling this over in our minds, a friend had mentioned that one of his relatives was selling their pull behind trailer and they were willing to sell it to us for half the price. We weren’t sure what to think. We would still have to buy a truck to pull it. Maybe, the Lord hadn’t let us get an RV so we could get a better deal now? We began to pray intently on which way the Lord would have us go. I began to have the same mindset as before, no matter the outcome our situation HAD to change because it seemed impossible to continue the way we were doing it.

The week after our friend told us about the trailer, we were at a mission’s conference. A veteran missionary preached and said something that really stuck with me. He said, “If you go to the mission field for the heathen who don’t know about God, then you’ll fail. You’ll find that the "poor heathen" does know about God, they just don’t care. The reason to go to the mission field is for the glory of God. That’s the reason to do everything.”

The next day, on our way to church, Justin and I discussed the car situation. Once again, the end of the conversation seemed bleak, without direction. By now, we knew that a trailer was still not an option. When I got out of the car, I remember thinking, “Something has to change, we can’t finish deputation like this.” Then, I remembered what the missionary had said the night before and it pricked my heart. There, I told the Lord that if it would bring Him glory to continue deputation in our cramped little car, then, I could do it for him.

At the end of the conference, we went out to eat with the pastor. He had helped us immensely with some of the problems our car was already having, which prompted him to ask about our car’s overall health. My husband began to explain that we weren’t sure how much more deputation this car would be able to handle, he also explained the van we were researching and praying about. At the end of the conversation, the pastor mentioned that he had a van that matched all the qualifications we were praying about, and he would be willing to sell it to us once the church had finished their use with it.

Justin and I were shocked! After praying about whether to pursue this option, I’m very grateful and humbled to say that the Lord provided the van for us!

Throughout deputation, this verse has proven itself repeatedly:

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.” Psalms 16:9

It was amazing to see the difference between us trying to make something happen and the Lord making something happen. I have no doubt that the Lord spared us so much heartache by not allowing us to get an RV. The Lord, in His goodness and mercy, allowed us to have what He knew was better for us.


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