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Our Mission Field

The Lord has called us to Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain.

Catalonia, in some ways, is very different from Spain. They have their own customs and traditions, their own flag, and even their own language called Catalan.

Below is a comparison between Spain and Catalonia.

The Spanish Flag

The Catalan Flag

Population:  46.44 million

Capital:      Madrid

Size:          195,124 sqm    (about the size of California)

Population:    7.5 million

Capital:        Barcelona

Size:            12,397 sqm 

  (about the size of Maryland)

Roman Catholic:        69.3%

Atheist/Agnostic:       26.0%

Other (inc. Muslim):      2.6%

Roman Catholic:     52.4%

Atheist/Agnostic:    30.2%

Muslim:                   7.3% 


Other:                     5.0%

Statistics of Spain

Statistics of Catalonia

Religions of Spain

Religions of Catalonia

Catalonia's Current Political Situation

Catalonia is a strong and independent region of Spain. This fact, combined with many other reasons, has given way to a movement for secession from Spain. While we do not know how far this will go, it has caused great divisions in the politics of Spain and Catalonia. Currently, Catalonia is still an autonomous region of Spain and possesses a large degree of autonomy within their own government.

How does this affect us as Missionaries?

The goals of our work in Catalonia have nothing to do with local politics. We intend to preach the gospel. With this being said, the current politics of Spain and Catalonia seem to not affect our preaching and ministering the Gospel. While there is always a chance of that changing,

we are praying that the word of the Lord will continue to have free course in Catalonia, Spain.

Our Goals

  • Learn the language

  • Evangelize the lost

  • Disciple the saved

  • See a solid local church established in the Barcelona area

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